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Agioi Fanentes Monastery

Agioi Fanentes Monastery is located here

The road to the ruins of Saint Fanentes Monastery is between Sami and Antisamos beach, it’s a lovely scenic drive up to what is known as ancient Sami.

A review from Tripadvisor:
“There are well preserved remains of the Classical and Hellenistic fortifications of ancient Sami, including a Hellenistic tower. Upon the ancient walls, a monastery was built in the medieval times. The ruined monastery church dates, in its present form, to the Venetian period (1633), although the Monastery is much older. A smaller ruined church (Saint Nicholas), with frescoes on its apse dating to the 17th century, is located about 150 meters away from the main church. The earthquake of 1953 caused the collapse of the two churches so a 3rd more modern church was built.
Close to the ruins there is a fountain with fresh water and the views towards Sami bay are amazing.
On the hill opposite to Agioi Fanentes, called Skalia, there are also remarkable remains of ancient fortifications, easily accessed from the main road”

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