Greek Passenger Locator Form – A Guide (for travel to Greece in 2021)

In the interests of public health and to help contain any possible outbreaks, Greece will be insisting all travellers fill in a PLF before travelling.
You only need to complete one form for everyone travelling in your party – there is space later on the form where you can add additional travellers.
The form should be completed and submitted no later than 9.59pm BST the evening before you travel.

Go to (1).
Scroll down and tap on where it says ‘Start Here >’ (2).
If you travelled in summer 2020 and you remember your login details then you should try re-entering them here (3).
There is however a chance that your login may not work as it appears that the system has been refreshed. You will most likely have to re-register by tapping on ‘Register’ – I had to so I could create this guide.
To register you must enter your email address and create a secure password (4).
You will be sent an email with a link in from ‘’. You must tap on this link to verify your email address before your account becomes active.
Once you have done this you may now proceed to login (3).

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4

Once logged in you will see this screen (5):
You want to create your PLF so tap on ‘New PLF’ and then just click in the white area of the screen if the menu doesn’t close.
Scroll to the top of the screen (6).
You must tick all 3 boxes to proceed and should read what is next to each one carefully (7).
Scroll back down and tap on ‘Continue’ (8).

Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 7
Figure 8

You will then see this screen (9). As you are coming to Greece, you want to select the first option. Then tap on ‘Continue’.
You will be asked how you intended to travel to Greece (10), select the most appropriate option and tap on ‘Continue’. (For this guide, we’ll be assuming you are flying).
On the next page you will enter the name of your airline, flight number, the date you arrive and to which airport. Unless you are travelling by private flight or are not flying direct to Kefalonia, you can ignore the 2 tick box options. Once complete, tap on ‘Continue’ (11a & 11b)

Figure 9
Figure 10
Figure 11a
Figure 11b

This next section is new for 2021 – you will be asked how you will prove your health status (12a).
If you have had an approved vaccine, tap the button next to Complete Vaccination and answer the questions in the drop-downs that will appear (12b).
If you have not had a complete course of an approved vaccine, you will need to select the PCR test option (and have a PCR test prior to travel).

Figure 12a
Figure 12b
Figure 12c

On the next page you must enter your personal information.
Firstly you are asked for your Family name and your First name – you should enter these exactly as they appear on your passport, middle initial is optional (13a).
You will be asked to select your sex, age on the date you will travel and ID type (Passport)(13b).
Once you tap on ‘Passport’, a box will appear to enter your passport number.
Further down the same page, you will be asked to supply a phone number (13c). This should be a phone number which you can be called on whilst on holiday, so it’s best to put a mobile if you can. Full international format is required, so enter it in the following way: for a UK mobile type +44 and then the rest of your phone number without the first zero. The box to enter an email address is pre-filled with the one you set up the account with at the start of this process (13d).

Figure 13a
Figure 13b
Figure 13c
Figure 13d

Next enter your home address. Country and county are drop-down menus, after these it asks for your city, town or village (14a).
Further down, enter your postcode without spaces, your road name and house number. Also if you have been in another country (other than your country of residence) in the last 14 days, prior to entering Greece (14b).
There is also an optional box on this page to enter details of any other countries you have visited in the 14 days prior to your arrival in Kefalonia (14c).

Figure 14a
Figure 14b
Figure 14c

Then you should enter the address you are staying at for the duration of your stay (15a, 15b, 15c):

  • Country – Greece
  • City – Kefalonia should suffice
  • Postcode – if you do not know the postcode you can use the ELTA postcode finder to find it for the resort or village you are staying in
  • Hotel name is optional
  • Street – you can enter the name of the resort or village as very few streets in Kefalonia have a street name
  • Apartment number is optional, because you most likely will not know it.

Once complete, tap on Continue

Figure 15a
Figure 15b
Figure 15c

Next you will need to provide some emergency contact details. It is not specified, but it is implied that it should be someone who is not on holiday with you that can be easily reached.
You will need to provide last name, first name, country of residence, town or city, a contact number in full international format and an email address (16a, 16b, 16c).

Figure 16a
Figure 16b
Figure 16c

Next is a section titled ‘Travel Companions – Family’ (17a & 17b). This is where you can add anyone in your travel party who is related to you and live in the same dwelling.
Add any applicable people and their details as necessary and move on to the next page.

Next is a section titled ‘Travel Companions – Non Family / Non-same Household’ (18a & 18b). This is where you can add anyone in your travel party who does not live in the same dwelling as you.
Add any applicable people and their details as required and move on to the next page.

If you are sure you have entered all the details correctly, click on ‘Submit’ to submit your form.

Figure 17a
Figure 17b
Figure 18a
Figure 18b

Once you have submitted your form, you should receive email confirmation.
In 2020 travellers received their QR code by email shortly after 10pm the day before they travelled.
You will need either a printed copy of your QR code, or be able to access it on your phone upon arrival to show to airport officials.

This guide is available as a printable PDF.

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