Public health requirements – Greece 2021

As we move towards the summer season of 2022 and the hotly anticipated increase in the number of visitors, we will undoubtedly see changes to the public health measures in Greece this year. When we have more details about what these measures might look like we will be sure to let you know.

During the pandemic, all countries have had to implement their own public health requirements. It is up to you to make sure you know what you must do in order to comply with Greek regulations. Not knowing the regulations will not be an acceptable excuse because they can be easily checked when you go to complete your Passenger Locator Form (PLF). We have outlined the main points below:

  • Upon arrival in Greece, you may be selected for a random COVID test. You can expect to receive the results in about 30 minutes. If you test positive you will be required to quarantine at a government specified facility at their expense.
  • Tavernas and bars are open as usual and atmosphere music may be played.
  • As of 5am on 24th June it is no longer a requirement to wear a face mask in outdoor settings, except when close queuing cannot be avoided. It is still necessary however to wear a face mask in all public indoor spaces and in all forms of public transport. The following exclusions apply: individuals for whom wearing a face mask is not recommended on account of their documented medical condition, e.g. respiratory problems, and children under the age of four (4).
  • From Monday 28th June, the night curfew will be abolished.
  • Also from the 28th June, up to 10 people my now sit at a table in tavernas, cafes and bars.
  • As of 24th May, taxis and private vehicles may not carry more than 3 adult passengers in addition to the driver in a standard car. Larger vehicles such as people carriers and mini-busses may carry more passengers.
  • If you are in a private car/hire car with your spouse/partner or immediate family, it is not necessary to wear a face mask in the vehicle.
  • Public transport buses may only run at 65% of passenger capacity.
  • Tour buses may only run at 85% of passenger capacity.
  • Food shops, pharmacies, filling stations, pet shops, dry cleaning businesses, shops selling tobacco/vaping products may only allow entry to a certain number of people at a time based on the usable floor space, so it may be necessary to wait outside until some people exit the store.
  • On beaches, 120 individuals per 1000m2 are permitted and only 2 people per umbrella (except for families).
  • Archaeological sites, museums and caves are now permitted to open.
  • Open-air spaces may be visited on the condition that visitors keep a 1.5m physical distance from each other. One person is allowed per 10m2 of space.

Information correct as of 23rd May 2021


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2 thoughts on “Public health requirements – Greece 2021”

  1. Hi, please be aware the latest JMC issued over the weekend has changed maximum numbers in standard taxi to 3 plus driver and museums were permitted to open last week

    • Hi Martin, thanks for the heads up, we have updated the information regarding museums. However, having spoken with some local taxi drivers, they are still awaiting official confirmation of the new rules regarding passenger numbers which are expected very soon.


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