Smoking laws in Kefalonia

Kefalonia, like the rest of Greece has had a smoking ban in enclosed public spaces since 1st September 2010. Read this short article to see how this could affect you.

Patrons of cafés, bars and tavernas who wanted to smoke would need to be provided with an area that is enclosed on no more than 2 sides. Due in part to smoking being a very cultural Greek pastime this law was not widely policed or enforced despite the penalties in place for infringements.

A revised law was enacted on 16th October 2019 with the aim of broadening the scope of the ban as well as ensuring it is enforced.
As well as indoor and partially enclosed locations, smoking at playgrounds and other outdoor spaces frequented by children is prohibited, as is smoking in private vehicles with a child under the age of 12. Fines range from €50-€500 for individuals and €500-€10,000 for managers or owners – 5 violations will see their business licence revoked.
From recent experience, most establishments are also stopping the use of electronic cigarettes and similar devices. 

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