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Firstly, a bit of recent Greek history. 

In 2018, a new tax came into effect in Greece. The city tax (or tourist tax as it became known) was put in place to help Greece on the path to recovery in the wake of the financial crisis that had decimated the country’s finances. The rates were different, depending upon the official star rating of the accommodation. 

  • Apartments – 50 cents per room, per night 
  • 1 & 2-star hotels – 50 cents per room, per night 
  • 3-star hotels – €1.50 per room, per night 
  • 4-star hotels – €3 per room, per night 
  • 5-star hotels – €4 per room, per night 

Now in 2023, following multiple devastating fires and floods in the past couple of years, this charge has been revised to help with infrastructure rebuilding and resilience. It even has a new name – The Climate Resilience Tax.

As you might expect, the rates are also higher than before, but are still dependent on your accommodation star rating. They are as follows in the peak season of March – October: 

  • €1.50 per room, per night for one or two-star hotels (previously €0.50) 
  • €3 per room, per night for three-star hotels (previously €1.50) 
  • €7 per room, per night for four-star hotels (previously €3) 
  • €10 per room, per night for five-star hotels (previously €4) 

Additionally, short-term rentals booked through online platforms will be subject to the following: 

  • €1.50 for apartments 
  • €10 per night for single-family homes and luxury accommodations 

Some important things to bear in mind: 

  1. The rate you pay is determined by the star rating allocated to the hotel and not necessarily what is displayed on the website of your accommodation provider. 
  2. It is unlikely that the tax will be included in the price of your holiday – it will be payable in resort (usually upon arrival). 
  3. If you have booked direct, you can contact your accommodation provider and they will be able to tell you how much they will charge and how they will collect this from you.
  4. If you have booked through a tour operator, they should advise you of any changes that may affect your holiday since your booking was made. If you are unsure, you can reference your tour operator Terms & Conditions on their respective websites.

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