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If you are based in the UK and have an interest in travelling overseas this summer, you have probably seen reports on the national media about problems at some airports. These problems include getting through security in good time to board your flight and numerous issues surrounding the loading and unloading of hold luggage.

We’ve taken the time to list a few things that you can do to help make sure that your luggage makes it on board and things that may help you in the unlikely event that some or all of your luggage doesn’t arrive on time.

  1. Remove all tags and barcodes from previous trips – having more than one set of barcodes on your luggage may mean that it is not correctly sent to your destination.
  2. When you pack your hold luggage, try to make sure that there are no prohibited items inside that may pique the interest of those monitoring the x-ray scanners – if your luggage is stopped for further investigation it may mean that it does not make it to your flight on time. You can see a list of items posted on the website of airlines and airports – follow the link to see Manchester Airport’s luggage guidelines.
  3. When packing your case, it is worth including a photocopy of your passport as this makes it easier to prove ownership. Also include your phone number in full international format as well as the name of your accommodation and the name of the town or village where you are staying.
  4. Also, don’t put all your own belongings into one case – if you are travelling with 2 or more hold luggage, consider mixing your belongings so that if one case doesn’t make it, at least you will have some clothes. Also consider putting a change of clothes into you cabin bag if you have space.
Arrival in destination.

If one or more of your hold luggage items doesn’t seem to have arrived, keep calm and do the following:

  1. If you are amongst the last people at the luggage carousel and there appears to be no more coming, firstly check with airport staff that all items have been unloaded from the aircraft – there may still be a little more to come.
  2. If you do have a missing case or cases you should immediately inform airport staff (or one of your holiday company representatives) in order to file a report. You will be given a report number and you can track the progress online.
  3. If your case arrives while you are still on holiday, then it is the responsibility of the baggage agents to get the case delivered to your accommodation as quickly as possible. Should you return home and your luggage has still not arrived, then your luggage should be returned to your home address.
  4. If your luggage still hasn’t turned up some time after you have returned home, then you should inform your travel insurance company and see if it is worth making a claim.


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