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Assos Castle

Assos Castle is located here

The castle of Assos is a fine example of military architecture, British general Charles James Napier described it as stronger than Gibraltar. The castle stands on the top of a 170 m high rocky hill, which encompasses the entire peninsula of Assos.
For adventurers and lovers of old ruins, you can walk up and see what’s left of the castle first hand. From the car park, start to head up the path in a north-westerly direction, but instead of following the path, take the steps off to the left and walk up to the south entrance of the Venetian castle ruins. Saunter up through the ruins, have a wander round, see the disused church and come back down through the main entrance to the east, down the path and past the chapel. Allow a couple of hours for your ascent and descent, especially in the heat.

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