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Odysseus Land


Odysseus Land – Through the most important moments of Odyssey, roam in the natural landscape of the park. Getting to know some rare animals and birds, like the black pig (which is endangered), the unique horses of Ainos, the royal deer and many other tame and fare animals of the region.
A beautiful thematic tour, specially designed for all ages.
The Odyssey, the epic masterpiece of Homer, has been characterized as the uppermost story for shaping modern human beings and their ideals.
The reason is that it describes courage, persistence and devotion to Odysseus target of returning back to his homeland, Ithaca.
He fooled the gigantic Cyclops Polyphemus, he resisted the witch Circe and the delightful Sirens and he fought the sea monsters Sculla and Charybdis.
He arrived at Ithaca and he dressed up as beggar by Goddess Athena to expel the suitors. He met his beloved ones and soon became again the ruler of his kingdom.

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