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Unexplored Kefalonia


Unexplored is owned and run by a local family from Skala Kefalonia.
Our goal is to share our love and knowledge of the region with our clients and to safely introduce them to some of Kefalonia’s most stunning sights and unique travel activities.
Our guides are informative, friendly and professionals, they have the training to introduce you to the unique activities we have to offer, share their knowledge of the area with you and get you back safe and of course extremely happy.
We are especially proud of our selection of tours and activities around Kefalonia.
Our cooperation with the island’s finest and most specialized tourist agencies combined with our unique travel activities offer our customers a variety of authentic travel experiences.
Hiking in Kefalonia:
No one can really appreciate the beauty of the island while traveling by car or bike. You have to walk yourself around it, in order to fully understand its beauty.

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