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The Cave Hermitage Saint Gerasimos

The Cave Hermitage Saint Gerasimos is located here

The hermitage has been built onto the front of a hillside so be prepared for an uphill walk to see this beautiful piece of Kefalonian history.
Agios Gerasimos, originating from a noble family of northern Peloponnese, became a monk in Mount Athos and after visiting many places around Greece, he ended up in Kefalonia in 1555. He lived in this cave for 5 years, until 1560, when he went to the Omala valley and built the Monastery of Panagia. This monastery was later called Monastery of Agios Gerasimos and is considered to be the protector of the island. The Cave of Agios Gerasimos is very narrow and has a small hole from where you can get a great view over Lassi and the Ionian Sea. Right next to the entrance of the cave, a small church has been built dedicated to the memory of the saint. Holy Masses are officiated in this church mostly on important religious celebrations.

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