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Nautilus Cruises Kefalonia


Argo Daily Cruises takes you to the amazing blue seas of the Ionian, presenting you with unique experiences and leaving you with the most memorable summer memories. 
Our traditional wooden boat offers you the opportunity to visit the famous island of Zante. 
You will see the most beautiful beaches, the shipwreck and explore the great blue caves whilst swimming. 
We also offer you cruises to the mythical island of Ithaca, the green island known as the island where Odysseus was from. 
You can swim in one of the most beautiful beaches, Gidaki as well as wander around Vathi and the small Venetian streets. 
If you love adventure and nature, we highly recommend our day trip to the unexplored beaches of Southern Cephalonia: Kako Lagadi, Mini Mirtos (Koutsoupia) and Makria Petra.

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