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Kefalonia Horizon Villas


Built on a superb spot with absolute attention to detail, choosing the best and most expensive materials and investing in minimal and modern aesthetics, the Horizon Villas Kefalonia will amaze you with the overall picture they offer.
Horizon Villas, named for its unique location are built on the top of Megiavouno hill, near Agia Efimia 1000 m from the beach.
Construction was completed in 2015 and offers our visitors the opportunity to relax and view the beauty of Agia Efimia and the surrounding islands of the Ionian Sea.
The Kefalonia Luxury Villas are twins, attached to each other designed with elegance, so to keep the privacy of each building.
Each villa has a private swimming pool, an outdoor Jacuzzi, garden with BBQ, and they are both equipped with all the amenities to make your staying pleasant and memorable. Do not hesitate to contact us, to ask us any other information and to discuss all the details for your stay at the unique Horizon Villas Kefalonia.

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