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Kefalonian Paragliders


Paramotor and Paraglide at the beautiful island Kefalonia Greece!
Man has been looking for ways to fly since ancient times. 
Today, paragliding is the easiest and simplest way to find man in the air. 
With the right training, good mood and love in a short time he will be ready to conquer the ethers. 
If you have this idea in the back of your mind but you have doubts, come with us to get to know this wonderful sport by doing a two-seater flight. 
Those who decide to continue in training, distinguished instructors will undertake to train you and soon you will be able to enjoy the flight on your own safely, giving yourself new experiences and images that you will always have in your heart and mind.
Paramotor – after learning the free parachute, pilots who want to be introduced to motorized parachuting, with a short course can easily and simply fly using an engine.

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